When did “DIET” become a dirty 4 letter word?

I’ve been lying to you all…  I told you that I am about to undergo a life style change…  that’s not completely true…  I am about to start a diet!  (Insert your well meaning advice here)

Why do we feel the need to declare it a lifestyle change?  When you’re as fat as I am, it’s not JUST a lifestyle change…  it is a diet and exercise plan.  Will this change my life style?  Absolutely! Am I dieting? Absolutely!

I know that we have been hearing more and more about how diets don’t work…  making a permanent life style change does.  And I get that, but hear me out.  If I switch to eating “healthier foods” but I’m still eating them in large quantities, guess what?  I won’t lose that much weight.

Have any of you watched the new Extreme Makeover:  Weight Loss Edition?  I believe part of the reason they are so successful, is because the first 3 months of the program are VERY intense.  They focus completely on the weight loss and exercise portion of it.

Do you know anyone who has done the Beaumont Hospital diet?  I do… my Dad and brother.  Did they lose large amounts of weight?  YES!  Did they keep it off?  No…  why?  They didn’t follow thru with the program after weight loss.  Beaumont will teach you how to cook healthy and how to maintain a healthy weight.  My brother and Dad skipped that part.

All of these MEDICALLY supervised programs are restrictive.  AND THEY WORK!!!

My goal is to switch to eating a structured planned diet every week that not only keeps me within my 1200 daily calories, but also is full of pasture raised, free range lean meats, organic fruits and vegetables and good whole grains.  Once I am nearing my weight loss goal, I will start playing with my old favorite foods to figure out how to make them healthier and how to fit them into my new diet/lifestyle.  This is the plan that I believe will work for me.  It may not work for other people.  Some people feel more comfortable making small lifestyle changes like dropping the soda addiction and they lose some weight slowly from it.  Good for them!  That’s a great change….  but it’s not what I need.

So for the last time before starting my diet tomorrow, I stand here defending my decision FOR THE LAST TIME to start a diet and exercise program.  If you don’t agree with me, that’s your right…  lose weight whatever way makes you most comfortable.  Just remember we are ALL different and not one thing will work for everyone.  I am not looking for your advice…  just your support.  Positive support.


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