Good Intentions

The first week went as well as expected.  I lost 5.8 pounds!  Normal for me the first week on a new program.  I swear it must just be water weight.  But I’ll take it!

I have been doing my very best to stick to my plan, but no matter how hard you plan in life, there are always curve balls thrown in your path.  I hit a few and learned to roll with them.

First, I had a hair appointment after work on Thursday.  It ran later than I expected and the whole way home I was panicking about what I would eat for dinner at 10pm!!!  I looked up the calories for KFC grilled chicken out of desperation and was pleasantly surprised to discover that a grilled chicken breast, single serving of mashed potatoes and gravy and cole slaw were only 510 calories!  This left me with 54 calories unconsumed for the day.  Now while it’s not my ideal healthy meal, it wasn’t BAD for me…  seems to me they may have changed their coleslaw to a much less creamier version.  It did give me a solid healthy protein. (I didn’t eat the biscuit!  I was sooo tempted, but so NOT worth it! So Nico and Kali had a rare treat!)

Saturday I had a family graduation party and was VERY happy to see that my grandma picked up some grilled chicken for the gluten free people in our family and offered me a piece since no one else was eating it!  Then Sunday I had a nieces birthday barbecue!  Double Whammy!  But my sister-in-law Krysten (God bless her heart) is very health conscious and had turkey burgers and a whole wheat pasta salad.  My only guilty pleasure was my Moms red skin dill potato salad, but I only had a cup and counted the calories, and I had one small sliver of cake with NO ICE CREAM! It was so hard not to have ice cream!

Last night I found out just as I got home from work that I was going to the Katy Perry concert!  I was so excited until I got there and discovered my choices for a healthy dinner…  so I caved and just had a jumbo pretzel with mustard.  I ended up not using over 300 calories for the day for fear of eating something truly unhealthy like a bratwurst or pizza.

So I find myself wondering what I can prepare and have in the fridge/freezer to grab and go on necessary occasions.  Feel free to send me ideas.  I need it to include protein and a good vegetable/fruit serving.  I want to avoid carbs since most of these are evening meals and I am trying to avoid rice/pasta/bread after lunch. (so much for that with the frickin pretzel.)

So this weekend is going to be fun as I am planning to have plenty of grilling veggies and lean chicken on hand for the Independence Day barbecues… Wish me luck and please send me your suggestions.


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