I will be a Skinny Bitch… and a vegetarian?

So first things first… this weeks weight 233.4!! That’s another 2 lbs lost, 7.8 lbs in the first two weeks! I’ll take it!

I picked up Skinny Bitch at the advice of my therapist this weekend and began reading it… It was a little shocking and NOT because of the frank barrage of cuss words… I guess I never really stopped to think WHAT I was putting in my body. They talk about all the reasons that refined sugar and artificial sweeteners are bad for you, why meat (dead, rotting, decomposing flesh) and dairy are not designed to be consumed by modern man and many other things like how alcohol leads to fat-ass syndrome.

They really bash the shit out of the Atkins diet in this chapter!

So the book did exactly what my Dr. thought it would… It got me thinking. So I signed onto http://www.goveg.com and signed up to receive a free go vegetarian kit from PETA, and while I was there I watched a few videos… check out the one with Sir Paul McCartney when you get a chance. It opened my eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I always knew that animals had to die to make my burger or chicken breast, I just never realized how terribly many of them are treated. I was made acutely aware of the practice of “force” feeding cows genetically manufactured corn thru a hole that is made in their sides, thanks to the documentary “Food Inc” (another thing I suggest you check out), but I didn’t realized that killing a cow isn’t as peaceful as just shooting it in the head and putting it down before beginning the butchering process.

After this rude awakening, I started wondering if I could go without meat forever? I like a well grilled blue cheese hamburger in the summer with grilled onions, bacon and tomatoes and lettuce . I also enjoy Mom’s standing Rib Roast at Christmas and her Turkey at Thanksgiving, but unless I win the lotto and buy my own farm, I have no guarantees of how the meat was raised, treated or processed before it went into my fat-ass. So I am giving vegetarianism a shot!

I haven’t had any meat since Sunday and I feel great! But being a HEALTHY vegetarian isn’t just about not eating meat. It’s about eating lots of leafy green veggies, plenty of wholesome (preferably organic) fruit and limiting the amount of processed foods and foods containing animal bi-products. I am switching to almond milk and going to eat cheese and eggs sparsely.

I’ve heard a lot of people complain about the cost of organic fruits and vegetables, but think about it this way, how much money do you spend on meat?? If I cut meat out of my budget, I have no problem budgeting for safer and healthier organic products. I am really beginning to enjoy my morning carrot/swiss chard/apple juice and looked up a few more juicing recipes to try out. I am keeping my fatoosh salad staples in the fridge and I even tried out some tofu with my quinoa and peppers. (FYI… We as Americans eat entirely wayyyy too much protein!)

So I am going to give this a solid college try for 30 days… no meat… LOTS of veggies and fruits and beans… Can’t hurt, right?


9 thoughts on “I will be a Skinny Bitch… and a vegetarian?

  1. Laura says:

    You are doing great! I’ve recently become vegetarian and I feel fantastic. I’m contemplating vegan as well, but I’m still on the fence. I picked up a copy of Skinny B to read this week too!

    • I don’t think I could go completely vegan… I have a friend that tries and she has a lot of problems ordering vegan meals when we all go out. But so far no real meat cravings! Let me know what you think of the book!

      • Laura says:

        I loved the book. I read it so fast that I need to read it again, and probably again after that. There was a lot of info. I’m so glad I read it!

      • Yay! Wasn’t it a fun read! Great no-nonsense advice in a fun way! Maybe we should all start saying it like it really is. I haven’t had anything but a glass of organic non-sulfate wine since reading “alcohol leads to fat-ass syndrome!”

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