Elations and Tribulations

The world is full of joys and happiness…  unfortunately it’s also full of people who can’t embrace the joy and happiness you are experiencing.


I was discussing my weight loss with my good friend Karen last week and she made the comment that 10lbs was one dress size.  I didn’t feel like I lost enough to ditch my size 18s, but I was at Target to pick up a gift bag and thought…  why not try out my old jeans and a pair of 16s in the same style…  the 16s fit!!!  and comfortably!  Not tight!!  So I wore those out Saturday night with a cute pair of high heels (which I have been avoiding!) and I am starting to feel like the old me again!  Sassy Virg!  Just the motivation I needed to keep going!

(Disclaimer: This is NOT my Ass! But someday it will be!)

I am sitting here 4 days later and those size 16s are starting to feel baggy!  So I weighed myself mid-week and I am now 227.4!!!  That’s 14lbs since this all started about 3 1/2 weeks ago!

It’s been over a week without meat and again…  I feel great!  I eat a LOT of fruits and vegetables…  and a wide range of them.  I even ate out at Cliff Bells on Friday night and checked the menu before hand to pick out a nice salad and when I got there, the soup of the day was a chilled asparagus and banana soup…  no cream or animal broths…  Dinner was healthy and DELISH!


I am so happy but I am dreading the moment this all slows down to a normal loss of 1-2 pounds a week.  So I keep telling myself it’s all good, as long as I don’t have a no loss or a gain week.  I am considering a heart rate montior to be more efficient in my workouts, which are key to this whole process for four reasons:

1. The workouts help me get my body into a healthy shape to battle the heart disease that has taken so many of my loved family members.

2. Getting in shape helps me love the woman I see in the mirror even more which in turn boosts my self confidence!

3. Working out helps drop the bad weight quicker and replaces it with good, fat burning muscle.

4. Working out helps me release stress!

So this is something I am considering as a tool to know I am still giving it my all when the eventual slow down of the weight loss happens.

There are still people out there that can’t just be HAPPY for me in this journey I am on.  So I am trying to get to a place where other people’s opinions don’t affect me.   This is definitely something easier said than done.  Unfortunately, when other people affect me, I tend to want comfort food.  So even though I haven’t craved meat the last week and I am so NOT a hamburger girl, something set me off yesterday and all I could think about was how great a greasy, gross, totally bad for me fast food burger would taste…  that was my heart talking…  not my gut or head!  Thank God the other two over rode my heart…  I did not get the burger!

So I leave this blog happy and nervous.  Happy for my accomplishments thus far and nervous of what I am sure will be a struggle up ahead.  But with the great friends I have around me, I am sure they will be behind me rooting all the way!


3 thoughts on “Elations and Tribulations

  1. Patrick says:

    Virg – Glad to see that your head and gut beat out the burger temptation! That’s a big victory!! You Go!!

  2. Laura says:

    Good for you Virginia! There will always be naysayers. We can’t use them as excuses to make poor eating choices.

    Your weightloss WILL slow down. Losing 1 lb a week is still amazing. That’s over 50 lbs a year! I have seen so many people quit there diets because they aren’t seeing progress fast enough. I’m always like “Really??? How much faster will you lose not doing anything?!”

    There’s a book called Shrink Yourself. It really covers why people emotionally eat and how to stop it. You can also go to their website and get their emails. They’re really good.

    I’m rooting for you!!

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