You’re only a loser if you quit trying

So I’m back! Sort of!

I’ve been struggling for months to get back on track with my weight loss. To make my journey harder I thought I’d just throw all the rules out the window and eat like a bear going into hibernation for most of the winter. Brilliant idea! That resulted in packing the pounds back on to my heaviest weight ever. I know I feel better when I am losing weight and working out, so why do I keep sabotaging myself?

So I am back to eating a heathy vegetarian diet. I am trying to get back into my marathon training, but I feel like everything from the waist down is full of lead! Ugh! Time and persistence… That’s what I keep telling myself.

So I am actually feeling good enough mentally to focus on this. I hate being an emotional eater!

I’m aware that eventually I’ll need to kick my cream with coffee addiction. For know I am using agave and going easy on the cream to keep the calories down.

So follow along on my journey. Root me on! I need the support.



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