Get Ready For My Fat Funeral!


I had my first weigh in this morning and I am over the moon to announce that I went from 237.2 pounds to 230.8 pound and permanently deleted 6.8 pounds!!! That’s in 6 days! YES! I feel like I am finally on track! I was so excited to weigh in because I knew I had stayed on the program and I did a lot of activity this week too (I swear I wasn’t a gym rat for the whole week though… I spent all of Saturday in my pajamas lounging around the house watching movies and relaxing! Cue Bridget Jones)

So I think what made this a successful week was several things. First, I stuck to the meal plan set out by Express Weight Loss & Wellness. Second, I tracked every meal on My Fitness Pal and showed them to Nichole this morning and we discussed a few alternatives if I get tired of the meals I am eating.  Third, I chugged at least 100 ounces of water or more every day.  I made a game of it and found that a smoothie cup with a lid and straw worked better for me that a water bottle.  I also put two slices of lemon in there every morning, just to give the water some flavor. Lastly, I made getting active a priority.  I even went outside my comfort zone and gave a new Pilates and yoga class a try at Nafas Fitness Studio.


The only challenge I think I honestly had was that I felt like I was eating ALL THE TIME!  I am not used to putting 2 snacks into my day, so I started setting an alarm reminder on my cell phone for every three hours to plan out my meals and snacks for the day.  Well, OK, to be honest, I visited the bathroom a whole heck of a lot more too!  LOL!  First time I ever actually thought about getting up in the middle of Sunday Service to go to the bathroom!

This week I am going to keep on doing what I was doing, but add to it the fact that I want 12,000 steps on that Fitbit everyday.  Now that the weather is nicer, this will be easy because I love walking around downtown Royal Oak when the weather is nice.

Here’s me… 6.8 pounds Gone… 65.8 pounds left to die!  Can we have a fat funeral when I reach goal? Have a great week and if you wanna see what I am up to daily, checkout my Facebook page Life On The Virg!

Me 4.29.15


I will keep trying…

Zumba with Kaitlyn 4.2015

With my favorite Zumba instructor Kaitlyn at Danz for the Kids
April 2015

Hi all!  Miss me?

I began a new journey in weight loss today.  One that I have been apprehensive to take due to the societal view of medically assisted diets.  The visions of 1980s and Fenfen spring to mind for most.  When did surgical weight loss become more approved of than medically assisted diets?  After all, the products used by medical weight loss clinics are FDA approved as opposed to these over the counter “appetite suppressants” that anyone can buy at your local vitamin store…  or these “energy drinks” that are full of God knows what and causing health conditions across the board.  I know people who have chosen to go thru Gastric Bypass. I’ve seen how it doesn’t always work and it certainly doesn’t teach healthy eating and exercise habits.  I WILL NOT EVER DO THIS!

Sorry…  back to what I am up to.  I decided to give Express Weight Loss + Wellness Clinic a try.  They have a medically supervised program that includes individualized meal planning, exercise and medicinal treatment solutions.  Today I had full blood work, body fat analysis, BMI, blood pressure and EKG work done.  Tomorrow I meet with the practitioner to discuss my plan.  I am utilizing their LipoPlus Injection which is full of Lipotropic Enzymes, Vitamin B-Complex, Levocarnitine, Chromium and L-Citruline.  I will also be using an appetite suppressant.  Anyone who is a foodie, food addict or emotional eater can tell you that diets are nearly impossible without these.  I have been secretly using an over the counter (non-FDA approved) one for a few weeks now.  You know…  the pills loaded with caffine that make you jittery….  well now I will be using one under medical supervision that has been FDA approved.  These will NOT contain amphetamine.

I will also be doing Zumba on average about 5 times a week and as I feel more energy, I hope to add some weight work and Pilates to the mix at my favorite fitness studio, Nafas in Royal Oak.  I also wear a Fitbit and will focus on at least 12000 steps a day.  This ensures you are getting activity regularly and gives you an opportunity to have a little healthy competition with others.

I begin my new journey at 236 pounds and a size 18W.  So depressing.  What’s worse?  I am 42.3% fat….  almost half my body is fat!!!  So why am I so determined to lose weight once and for all?

Vanity & health concerns.  I am happy with most things in my life…  My home, my job, my family and my network of friends.  The one place I find myself upset about most is my appearance.  I know I am a beautiful woman both inside and out, but I would be happier if I was the thinner, healthier version of me that I was in my earlier years.

Me 1997


Heart disease and adult onset diabetes runs on both sides on my family and has claimed 3 of my 4 genetic Grandparents lives.  I don’t want to be that statistic.

So I begin this journey with hopes that it is finally the solution to my yoyo dieting and gets me back to my fit and fabulous former self.  Tomorrow is my first shot and meeting to discuss my low calorie, low carb, high protein diet.  I will track all my food on My Fitness Pal under the screen name LifeOnTheVirg.  Feel free to friend me.  I will also be doing regular blogs about my successes and my challenges.  I don’t expect this to  easy, but it can’t be any harder than all the other things I tried (remember my 1200 calorie vegetarian diet with 2 workouts a day?)

You’re support is always welcome….  keep your criticism to yourself.